Sunday, November 16, 2014

Steven Johnsons essay response

Salvador Lopez
Professor Baer
Englsih 5A
Steven Johnson’s “Why Games are Good For You” Response
            I feel like Steven Johnson’s essay is particularly well written in my opinion. I like how the author used more of a persuasive type of strategy to grab the author’s attention. For example, he persuades us by giving us information that we can relate to; Johnson gave us an example of GtaV a modern video game that people play now. I also liked how he brought up his counter argument and he also included a person named Dr. Spock who believed that video games were bad. I really enjoyed how Johnson had a lot of information for everything, but he didn’t bore me with it since he just didn’t hand us charts. Johnson actually shared his personal experiences; he didn’t keep it straightforward. I feel like being persuasive is one thing I can use in my Project 3 Paper. I feel like having information about my topic that is up to date is more persuasive to others than having a bunch of information that is from the 80’s. I just feel like having background knowledge and enough of information will help me get through my Project 3 with no worries

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