Friday, September 26, 2014

Salvador Lopez
English 5A
Professor Baer

            Anzaldua’s, Tatum, and Kozol’s writings all relate to each other because they are all dealing with racism and segregation. Tatum and Kozol both have in common that they believe that a lot of blacks usually stick together and usually have the bad end of the stick. Both Tatum and Kozol are saying what they believe is true, while Anzaldua is writing what she actually experienced. All 3 authors wrote on how a certain minorities felt like they don’t belong or felt bad as whom they are. For example, in Kozol’s writing he shared that students that are black sometimes feel like others wouldn’t care if they disappeared the next day, they would just feel as if it is less worry for others. Then, in Tatum’s writing he wrote on how the black minorities usually sit together and all eyes are on them and no one else. Tatum wrote there can be a sea of white students sitting together but no one would point that out its just “why are all the black people sitting together”. Then in Anazldua’s writing she wrote more towards the Hispanic race, sharing that it was hard growing up in an American school when she couldn’t even speak write. She felt as if she was being picked on because she had to fix so much things she didn’t even know she was doing wrong. All three authors feel as if students should all be equal and no one should get the bad end of the stick no matter what your race is.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Salvador Lopez
Professor Baer
English 5A
From Lies My Teacher Told Me
In the article “From Lies My Teacher Told Me” by James W. Loewen he claims that history text books are over filled with inaccurate information that is boring for high school students to read. Loewen states that the textbook are giving students facts that are incorrect. For example he asked several students when was the U.S first settled and students replied with 1620 which is incorrect. Loewen also states that the textbooks are written too predictable by the given subheadings giving away the main point and making it uninteresting for students to read. For example, “Rise of the American Nation”, tells the story by just that title, which doesn’t keep the students, engaged to read furthermore. In addition to the history textbooks being written incorrectly they are also written biased. For example, it gives to much bad history making the present and the future seem hopeful. By giving too much bad history, students of color feel affected in a negative way. On the other hand Loewen doesn’t blame the teachers for the inaccurate information being passed on to the students, he blames the heavy and dull textbooks that are not being revised. Loewen feels like the history textbooks need to be revised correctly so that once they get into college they aren’t told by their professors that everything they learned in high school history is inaccurate.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Salvador Lopez
English 5A
Professor Baer
                                              From Still Separate, Still Unequal

                     Jonathan Kozol is a writer who focuses on social injustice as he writes. Kozol used many sources while writing his essay “From Still Separate, Still Unequal.” Kozol writes on how schools that were already segregated before Brown v. Board of Education are still segregated in today’s world. The writer even points out that their was a teacher who taught at a school who’s dominant race were blacks, the school had so many of one minority that she had only seen two white students through out her years of working there. Kozol brings in the idea that names play a big part in where parents enroll their children. There was an instance in where they placed a school named Martin Luther King Jr. near the upper middle class white neighborhood expecting a bunch of white parents to enroll their children in; however, their plan back fired when they got blacks and Hispanics dominating the minority there. Kozol shares to us that case to help us understand that name plays a big part in some parent’s decision to where they enroll their children. While Kozol was visiting schools he noticed how some had mold growing in them and some were just falling apart. He also noticed that some schools were supposed to hold 2,000 but actually held more than intended. Then, Kozol talks on how budget costs cut down Arts, music etc.

                     Finally he concludes about statistics on the percentage on minorities graduating and shares to the reader that in order for their to be a change we have to make the change happen.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Dialectic Journal 3

“The letter that affected me the most, however, had been written by a child named Elizabeth. “ It is not fair that other kids have a garden and new things. But we don’t have that,” said Elizabeth. “I wish that this school was the most beautiful school in the whole why world.” (Jonathan Kozol Pg. 409)
If there is several kids wanting a change to happen you know something is wrong. For example in this case 27 third graders sent Jonathan Kozol a letter saying how they want their school to be better; In this case this girl named Elizabeth really catches Kozol’s attention because of her writing of “whole why world” instead of “Whole wide world.” I feel like he shouldn’t really take to affect that she miss pronounced it because they are third graders they are going to have these problem. For example, my nephew is in third grade and mistakes desert as dessert sometimes, I mean kids have mistakes just because they have a little miss pronunciation doesn’t mean their teachers are doing bad. However, I do feel like Kozol shouldn’t of just got affected by one he should have been affected by all their writings deeply. If kids were to come to me for help I would feel like their big brother and no something is wrong! I mean they wouldn’t form a union and plan on lying to other adults to get what they want! They asked for stuff like gardens and a gym I mean it ticks me off how their school won’t get these needs for them. All they want is to fix their school and make it nicer and more active. They don’t want computers or new sport uniforms they want things every school should have. All they want is to be treated like the other kids they wish to be. It makes me sad how some kids don’t value what’s given to them and others would like to have that. I mean if the parents who cant afford private school had the money, They would with out a doubt enroll them, but they cant because they are struggling. I feel like the school board or someone needs to give kids a fair education maybe not a crazy fancy school, but at least one that a child will be more than happy to attend.

Dialecttic journal 1 &2

“The overall figure for New York City in 2002-2003 was $53,000, while it had climbed to $87,000 in Manhasset and exceeded $95,000 in Scarsdale.” (Jonathan Kozol Pg.412)
In my opinion I feel like this salary is ridiculous! There is no way that living in a different part of town as a teacher can decrease or increase your salary by more than $40,000! That is just nonsense to have a teacher that works in a school a couple miles away getting paid $40,000 less than others. Maybe this is why schools like the one Elizabeth went to (the one who affected Kozol in a letter to help their school) are so beat down and in need of a garden, gym, arts etc. Does teaching white people get you more money? If teaching white people gets you more money than this system still has their head stuck in the 50’s or lower because last I heard we were non-segregated! We shouldn’t raise the salary or lower the salary just because of the person’s race that is just being ignorant and stubborn! I feel like since schools like Scarsdale and Man hasset were built before diversity are still not used to being diverse. Even though it’asfs been more than 50 years. Some people might think that a color defines a man, but they are wrong because a man defines a man.

“ Even from the start, however, parents in the neighborhood showed great reluctance to permit their children to enroll in at Martin Luther King….” (Jonathan Kozol Pg.407)
This quote talks about how white people didn’t bother to enroll their children into this near by school. I believe that the name does play a huge factor, because that’s where a lot of parents avoid enrolling their children in. I feel like a lot of parents feel as if that school would become ghetto just because of that name They might feel as if any school with a black persons name is going to be ghetto. I for one feel like that is just being so ignorant! Their children are going to grow up and avoid other races other than their own. Parents shouldn’t put their children through that, because the real world is filled with tons of races brought together. Now for an example if you enroll your child to an all white school they will just be comfortable with a white person; however, when it comes to an African-American they aren’t going to feel as comfortable as they would with a white person. Being in schools with other races makes a huge impact in peoples lives! Our real world consists of more than just white people they consist of other races! When they grow up they wont just have white people at their job, there is going to be other races to so why not welcome that race as a child than as an adult. For example, if you welcome a different race as a child you will more than likely have nothing against them because some African-Americans might become their best friends; however, if you ignore welcoming them as a child you more than likely grow up having something against that minority just because you’ve lived so long without them you will feel like they are worthless. In reality no one is worthless! Others might think we are but we aren’t! Parents shouldn’t enroll their kids to other schools just because the name they should enroll them to a school where they can have a taste of the real world and not just a little tiny bit.