Friday, September 26, 2014

Salvador Lopez
English 5A
Professor Baer

            Anzaldua’s, Tatum, and Kozol’s writings all relate to each other because they are all dealing with racism and segregation. Tatum and Kozol both have in common that they believe that a lot of blacks usually stick together and usually have the bad end of the stick. Both Tatum and Kozol are saying what they believe is true, while Anzaldua is writing what she actually experienced. All 3 authors wrote on how a certain minorities felt like they don’t belong or felt bad as whom they are. For example, in Kozol’s writing he shared that students that are black sometimes feel like others wouldn’t care if they disappeared the next day, they would just feel as if it is less worry for others. Then, in Tatum’s writing he wrote on how the black minorities usually sit together and all eyes are on them and no one else. Tatum wrote there can be a sea of white students sitting together but no one would point that out its just “why are all the black people sitting together”. Then in Anazldua’s writing she wrote more towards the Hispanic race, sharing that it was hard growing up in an American school when she couldn’t even speak write. She felt as if she was being picked on because she had to fix so much things she didn’t even know she was doing wrong. All three authors feel as if students should all be equal and no one should get the bad end of the stick no matter what your race is.

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