Friday, October 10, 2014

Project 2 Draft Revision

Salvador Lopez
Professor Baer
English 5A
Project 2 Draft Revision

            I recently wrote my Project 2 draft on the injustice in education. After reading certain articles in the “From Inquiry to Academic Writing” text book made me realize that some students education does get abused by others. I knew after reading Kozol’s essay “From still separate, still unequal” that others do abuse student’s education just for their race. In addition, after writing my draft on injustice in Education I shared my draft to some of my colleagues; my colleagues gave me some feedback that would really help in the future. They helped me in fixing up some sentences that wouldn’t make sense over one word; my colleagues also helped me in restructuring my sentences to make them sound professional. The comments they leave me really help me towards future assignments that I work on. I try to perfect my writing, but I know that I will always have those mistakes in my writing. I’m glad I can share my writing to my colleagues because they help me find mistakes that need to better my writing. These workshops that are set up in class really help me out, I hope we don’t stop because getting feedback by others really help me in future assignments.

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