Friday, September 19, 2014

Salvador Lopez
English 5A
Professor Baer
                                              From Still Separate, Still Unequal

                     Jonathan Kozol is a writer who focuses on social injustice as he writes. Kozol used many sources while writing his essay “From Still Separate, Still Unequal.” Kozol writes on how schools that were already segregated before Brown v. Board of Education are still segregated in today’s world. The writer even points out that their was a teacher who taught at a school who’s dominant race were blacks, the school had so many of one minority that she had only seen two white students through out her years of working there. Kozol brings in the idea that names play a big part in where parents enroll their children. There was an instance in where they placed a school named Martin Luther King Jr. near the upper middle class white neighborhood expecting a bunch of white parents to enroll their children in; however, their plan back fired when they got blacks and Hispanics dominating the minority there. Kozol shares to us that case to help us understand that name plays a big part in some parent’s decision to where they enroll their children. While Kozol was visiting schools he noticed how some had mold growing in them and some were just falling apart. He also noticed that some schools were supposed to hold 2,000 but actually held more than intended. Then, Kozol talks on how budget costs cut down Arts, music etc.

                     Finally he concludes about statistics on the percentage on minorities graduating and shares to the reader that in order for their to be a change we have to make the change happen.

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