Monday, September 15, 2014

Dialectic Journal 3

“The letter that affected me the most, however, had been written by a child named Elizabeth. “ It is not fair that other kids have a garden and new things. But we don’t have that,” said Elizabeth. “I wish that this school was the most beautiful school in the whole why world.” (Jonathan Kozol Pg. 409)
If there is several kids wanting a change to happen you know something is wrong. For example in this case 27 third graders sent Jonathan Kozol a letter saying how they want their school to be better; In this case this girl named Elizabeth really catches Kozol’s attention because of her writing of “whole why world” instead of “Whole wide world.” I feel like he shouldn’t really take to affect that she miss pronounced it because they are third graders they are going to have these problem. For example, my nephew is in third grade and mistakes desert as dessert sometimes, I mean kids have mistakes just because they have a little miss pronunciation doesn’t mean their teachers are doing bad. However, I do feel like Kozol shouldn’t of just got affected by one he should have been affected by all their writings deeply. If kids were to come to me for help I would feel like their big brother and no something is wrong! I mean they wouldn’t form a union and plan on lying to other adults to get what they want! They asked for stuff like gardens and a gym I mean it ticks me off how their school won’t get these needs for them. All they want is to fix their school and make it nicer and more active. They don’t want computers or new sport uniforms they want things every school should have. All they want is to be treated like the other kids they wish to be. It makes me sad how some kids don’t value what’s given to them and others would like to have that. I mean if the parents who cant afford private school had the money, They would with out a doubt enroll them, but they cant because they are struggling. I feel like the school board or someone needs to give kids a fair education maybe not a crazy fancy school, but at least one that a child will be more than happy to attend.

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