Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Salvador Lopez

Professor Baer

English 5B

MWF 12:00-12:50PM

I chose to descirbe a hasty generalization logical fallacy. It comes from the National Football League.com. The article," Six Free-agent fits that make sense" shares to us hasty generalizations about upcoming free agents that are going to hit the market. When players contracts are up from certain teams, they become either an unrestricted or restricted free agent. The team that still has possession of the player can either resign him or let him go. All teams have until March 10 to either resign the player or let him go. However, in the case people are just assuming that players like Julius Thomas and Cecil shorts are going to different teams and are not going to resign with their old team. Then they are assuming that they are going to different teams based on assumptions and not really facts. They aren't sure that the players are going to those new teams but they are assuming they are.

I believe that this article provides fans to think more about free agency and the different outcomes that can happen. I feel like this actually helps the fans to have more ideas of other players and see if they stay faithful to their team or run for more money. 

This article ties in with a hasty generalization because they are assuming that players are going with different teams based on other teams needs. They don't know whether they are staying with their old team, but are still assuming that some will go to other teams. They really won't know the real answer until March 10. 

Sessier, Marc., "Six Free-Agent fits that make sense" Around the NFL writer, February 2015. Web. February 16, 2015 

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