Sunday, March 29, 2015

Project 2 Topic

Salvador Lopez

Professor Baer

English 5B

MWF English 5B
Project 2 topic
For my project 2 topic i am still indecisive on what i want to talk about. However, I have favored the topic on how the U.S is on hold while other countries are rising. I want to talk about how other developing countries are professing as a country. I want to talk about other countries improving economically, electronically, and how their culture is also improving. Then, compare on how the U.S has not provided any drastic progressions. The U.S has made little improvements here and there but they haven't proven they are not the Supreme Power lately. 

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  1. Salvador,

    This topic will work well for the project 2 paper. My only concern is that this could easily turn into a compare/contrast paper if you you're not careful. What do you want to do with these comparisons? Do you want to look at what other countries are doing and make some suggestion as to what America should be focusing on and/or how American can get "off hold"?